Frequently asked questions

You're about to build your dream home or create an incredible investment, of course you have questions. Here are some that we get asked all the time.

If you have a question that isn’t listed here, please get in touch with us so we can answer it directly.

Our clients list the following 5 major benefits when they talk about what matters to them:

  1. You control how your dream home meets your lifestyle needs within your budget
  2. It makes the most of your block
  3. Every room has the right shape and size, fittings, storage space, number of power points…
  4. You choose absolutely everything internally and externally and create the living spaces you really want.
  5. It feels like home immediately

There are many steps to go through whether you get a custom-home or a standard display type home. A thorough preparation makes building your dream home easy. We have a proven process that we share with you at the start so you always know where you are.

If you have not got plans yet and/or don’t have the budget for an architect, you can still get a fully personalized home that fit you lifestyle.

We have some plans which are easily adaptable to your needs. We will guide you throughout that process from choosing the best starting point to ending with the right final plans.

Congratulations. We will now work with you to ensure they can be built on your block and deliver the results you want. Together we will walk through every room and external perspective, advising you along the way about any potential adjustment.

It depends of course on the complexity of the project, the size of your home. After working through your needs and objectives, we can estimate how long your project will take. So you will know what to expect and how to plan before construction starts.

There is no real difference between building in winter or summer. Bad weather can happen in any season and only some parts of a construction project are affected by extreme weather.

Everything is included in our quote so there will be no surprises with the cost of preparing for construction. They will be clearly itemised in your quote.

Yes, but BE AWARE: the change might affect other building tasks and the duration of construction. Most of the time this variation costs you money due to extra work required to change the plan.

We can build anywhere in the south Eastern region of Melbourne and deliver the quality workmanship and stress-free project experience our customers like to see.

We can build on any block, of any shape, slope and size. We will advise you on how to make the best possible use of your block.

We know you don’t want to upset your neighbours and start new relationships badly, so we take care to minimize the nuisance caused by the construction of your project.
We keep our sites as clean and tidy as possible. We make sure the street remains safe at all times for pedestrian and car traffic.

We have a few projects happening at all times. When you discuss your project with us we will advise you of the most relevant sites.

Yes, if they agreed to do so. Many of our clients are very happy to talk about their experience. You can check some of their feedback on this site. We may also be able to arrange to put you in touch with clients who indicate that they are happy to talk on the phone.

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homes, we build trust
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