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Do you have the perfect idea for your new home? Maybe you’re starting to assemble thoughts but you’re looking for some direction. Or maybe you have no idea at all?! No matter your stage of development, you’ve come to us at the right time. We will take the uncertainty and stress out of your building project.

From your first contact with us, you will experience the professionalism and expertise that have made us successful. We will work closely with you to bring your ideas to life and create your perfect home, making it functional, beautiful and thoroughly enjoyable.

Looking After You Every Step Of The Way

Your project is unique, with its own scope, nature and level of complexity. But we will make it easy to manage by applying our proven process.

From the outset we will lay out what you can expect in terms of the process and the project milestones. You will always know where you are during your journey with us.

A Stress-Free 12-Step Process

Together, we will embark on a smooth and steady 12-step process. Click on each step below for more detail.

Initial Meeting
Preliminary Brief
Working Drawings
Finalise Contract
Quality Control
Thorough Preparation
Your Final Approval
Your Final Payment
The Handover
Your Quality Assurance

A Stress-Free 12-Step Process

Together, we will embark on a smooth and steady 12-step process. Click on each step below for more detail.

1. Initial Meeting

During this obligation-free initial meeting we will focus on understanding what you are trying to achieve.  Together we will create a scope for the project, capturing all your requirements and customisations. We can work from plans you have or from one of our smart base designs. In this meeting we will also agree how we will work together.

2. Concept, Quot/tender

Even though it appears to be self-evident, I've been a part of projects where the why question was never asked!

3. Finalise Contract

Make sure that you fully understand your contract and are 100% happy with it. We use the proven format of the HIA standard home building contract. Our office manager will take you through your contract step by step. We recommend that your solicitor, and designer if you have one, review your contract before you sign it. Following your signature, paying the agreed deposit secures your contract and gets your project really under way.

4. Working Drawings

It is time to nail all the details and create all the files and clear instructions needed by the team who will execute the project.

5. Finance

If you have not yet got your project fully financed, we can put you in touch with independent reliable professionals who may be able to assist you in finding the best solution for you.

6. Thorough Preparation

This step is focused on meticulous preparation, planning & specifications. Less visible than the actual construction phase, the huge amount of work going into this ensures that construction can run smoothly from the first site clearing step to final hand-over. It includes: Reviewing the site surveys report and other reports, Obtaining development and building, Permits, Reviewing the final plans, Finalising the colours, materials & fittings selection. You choose how everything will look, from the roof tiles to the bricks, windows, doors, pavers, floor coverings, wall colours, taps etc. Visit our showroom or our supplier's outlets for even more samples. Signing-off the final specifications. All the little practical details make a big difference to how you enjoy living in your new home. We are meticulous about them!

7. Construction

You can follow the construction progress by arrangement (updates, visits, photos..). Our planning ensures efficient project timelines in all seasons. We supervise and coordinate each trade, and timely delivery of materials; People observing our sites in progress note the professional attitude of everyone on site, the good organisation, cleanliness and the care taken to minimise risk and limit the inconvenience to neighbours.

8. Quality Control

We quality-assure at every step of the process. We organise inspections and certifications of your project at all critical construction stages in full compliance with the law. You are assured that any issue is picked up and rectified in good time. You know that your home is built in accordance with the approved plans, specifications, relevant Australian Standards, Building Code of Australia and council regulations. You can relax knowing that structural integrity, health, safety and amenity all meet the appropriate standards.

9. Your Final Approval

That is the exciting time of checking that everything is completed to your satisfaction and of course to the plans. You should take a thorough final walk-through with your detailed verification checklist in hand. Only last touch-up, minor item installation may still need doing depending on the date of the walk-through. We obtain the Building Surveyor approval & the Council’s Certificate of Occupancy

10. Your Final Payment

Once you are satisfied that the construction is completed, you need to make your final payment as per the payment schedule.

11. The Handover

Your keys come with a comprehensive Handover Kit that includes all the information you need to operate the appliances, the services. It also includes a guide on how to care for your home and your landscaped garden. Celebrate, move in your new home or get ready to lease or sell your development property!

12. Your Quality Assurance

To view some of the new homes we have built, and how we have met our clients’ needs, please visit our Favourite Projects selection.

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